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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy from Salt Lake City Health and Vitality — based in Salt Lake City and serving North Salt Lake, South Salt Lake, Alpine Meadows, Magna, all of Utah, and surrounding areas

BHRTAging can be a frightening thought and journey. While facing overall life stress and the discomfort of growing older, our bodies go through a multitude of physical and mental changes. Perimenopause and menopause are a key concern for women, along with andropause for men. These transitioning times in life can bring hormonal imbalance symptoms that are a direct result of low testosterone in men, high testosterone in women, progesterone deficiencies, elevated or diminish estrogen levels, thyroid disorder, and adrenal fatigue.

Whether you are suffering from warning signs of aging or diagnosed conditions, a hormone doctor that specializes in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can help. Dr. Leslie Cooper and her team at Salt Lake Health and Vitality offer hormone treatment solutions that are custom-crafted for every individual patient.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) vs. Conventional Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is the art of balancing all hormones in the body to function in sync at an optimal level using all natural hormones. Bioidentical hormones are custom-compounded in a lab to have the same molecular structure to the natural hormones biologically produced by the human body (endogenous hormones). Bioidentical hormones are derived from natural resources such as soy and yam extracts and created to meet every individual patient’s specific needs. Conventional (synthetic) hormone replacement therapy (HRT) incorporate patented, chemically based hormones. HRT hormones have an altered structure than bioidentical hormones, thus having a more vast chance of producing complications.

What Causes Hormonal Imbalance?

The human body possesses a multifaceted collection of glands and cells called the Endocrine System. The body contains upwards of one trillion cells that rely on a fragile steadiness of hormones to carry out an array of tasks. An easy way to think of it is to relate hormones to little chemical messengers. Hormones are emitted directly into the blood stream where they are passed to various organs and tissues in the body, to satisfy their executive duties. Therefore, when messengers become damaged, the cellular function fails, and the systems of the body can no longer execute optimally, is when indications begin to take root such as low libido, fatigue, lack of energy, insomnia, and even hair loss. Disproportionate levels of these hormones can inflict chaos on your system.

While the male and female bodies have many similar functions, the rise and fall of natural hormone levels are drastically different. Women experience their natural hormones climax around mid-thirties and begin to weaken for the following two or three decades. This results in symptoms notoriously associated with menopause and perimenopause. Meanwhile, men experience hormone levels topping off earlier, in their mid-late twenties, and slowly dropping with age after. The deterioration of natural hormones in men is frequently referred to as andropause, or more commonly known as “the male menopause.” Men often find themselves struggling with indications of muscle loss, hair loss, reduced libido and weight gain.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Treatment Plans

Your health isn’t measured solely by your symptoms, or even numbers on a report being compared to the national average. A truly customized treatment plan is designed to meet the specific physiological needs of each patient while encompassing a full 360 viewpoint of all systems.

Medical Director Dr. Leslie Cooper is a hormone specialist and has extensive training to bestow you with dedicated, expert care. She has no interest in a one-size-fits-all methodology to hormone treatment. Dr. Cooper fully recognizes that what thrives for one patient, will not necessarily function properly for another. Treatment begins with wide-ranging laboratory hormone testing panels of blood and urine samples for an accurate assessment of various parameters and more than 50 biomarkers which influence total health. After obtaining a thorough personal health history, current lab results, and existing symptoms, Dr. Cooper, and her team will focus on an individual therapy plan related to the patient’s well-being.


If you are willing to transform your life with skilled care from a highly trained physician who specializes in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, make contact with Salt Lake Health and Vitality today. At Salt Lake Health and Vitality, Dr. Cooper can assist you while reaching your greatest health ever. Dr. Cooper is among the leading physicians in Salt Lake City specifically certified to help patients attain their health goals, including tackling indicators of hormone imbalance. Begin your journey and take that first step towards thriving, rather than just surviving today!


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