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Weight Loss

Weight Loss & Detox Services at Salt Lake Health and Vitality

Nutrition is the core of healthy aging, it’s no secret. However, balanced nutrition contributes to much more than just losing weight. Balanced nutrition is a gateway to losing and sustaining healthy weight, improving sleep habits, experiencing more energy, and even enriching mood and concentration. To fully execute this, the body must first filter itself to provide a clean slate- or in this case- a clean system. Weight exposes a complex chemistry between diet, hormones, food intolerances, environmental toxins and stress, detoxification, and achieving a healthy weight is an elite first step toward maximizing health. By pursuing all-encompassing nutritional approaches, you can prevent the side effects of disease and inadequate health.


Benefits of Physician-Guided Detox & Weight Loss

An overwhelming amount of Americans are overweight and dealing with the related diseases and health troubles due to being obese. More than 90 percent of Americans are lacking in a minimum of 11 vitamins and nutrients. Guidance from a trained medical expert improves success, not only in accomplishing nutritional aspirations, but also in sustaining long-term results.

Nutrition is a cornerstone of managing your total health, and ensuring your body is fully nourished is a fine art! Recognizing ideal food options for your body is not the sole factor that needs to be focused upon, but also realizing when supplemental maintenance is essential to optimally fuel the body to meet day-to-day demands. With a physician guided nutrition plan, you receive numerous benefits such as:

  • An accountable weekly weight loss goal*
  • Learning how to take control of your health and wellness*
  • Maintenance guidelines that will last a lifetime*
  • Working with a proven, effective plan outlined by an expert*
  • Partnering with an educated expert like Dr. Cooper, you will gain knowledge of the material and skills required to control your weight with greater comfort and consistency. Research has publicized that one of the most successful tools for achieving long-term weight loss is utilizing a program that requires accountability.*



If you want to lose weight or just feel healthier from the inside out- detoxification is the first step in any complete wellness program. Detoxification assists the body in flushing excess waste that is deposited in organs and fat cells. Detoxing can be completed in a variety of methods but the end result is constant. The objective is to give the internal organs, especially the digestive and lymphatic systems, a rest by restricting specific food items, limiting calories, as well as taking targeted supplements for a period of time. Benefits of a sensible detox incorporate increased energy, stronger immune systems, clearer skin, and overall better health.


Start your journey today and take the first step toward improved health and a sophisticated quality of life. Whether you are seeking a healthy weight, or simply looking to embrace a nutritionally-sound eating plan for life, contact Dr. Leslie Cooper, Medical Director at Salt Lake Health and Vitality, to schedule an appointment.



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