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Metabolic Code

Achieving Optimal Health With Metabolic Code at Salt Lake City Health and Vitality — based in Salt Lake City and serving North Salt Lake, South Salt Lake, Alpine Meadows, Magna, all of Utah, and surrounding areas

Maybe your practitioner told you that it is time to improve your eating habits and become healthy. Maybe you woke up this morning, saw at yourself in the mirror and realized that your health must be a top priority. It could be as simple as you want to be healthy for the mere sake of being healthy. In spite of your measurement, the Metabolic Code (MC) – a method for determining the state of your vitality and wellness – can encourage and guide you on your trek to achieving your most favorable wellness.

Metabolic Code Health Assessment and Vitality Report

Metabolic Code Report for Metabolic Syndrome and Metabolism optimization and chronic disease preventionThe Metabolic Code was assembled with the key belief that people deserve vitality and health throughout every stage of life. Your health is a result of the multilayered relationship amongst lifestyle outcomes and how those outcomes influence your metabolic wellbeing. The Metabolic Code views your health in distinctive levels to shape an all-inclusive view of your current health while classifying and challenging the fundamental philosophies of metabolic, aging, and lifestyle influences that could be obstructing your metabolism.

The Metabolic Code Health Assessment and Vitality Report is an exclusive, thorough report that incorporates results from a confidential survey, lab testing results, and biometrics to encourage the advancement of health at the same time as decreasing influences that can negatively shift wellbeing. Your individual information is documented and structured into Triads to build an exceptional report that signifies a detailed picture of your present-day chemistry. The Metabolic Code Health Assessment and Vitality Report points out where you can enrich your health on the Triad relationships using lifestyle, dietary, and targeted nutritional supplements exclusive to your particular needs.

Meet the Triads

With more than 30 years of application and clinical research, the metabolic Triads are at the heart of the Metabolic Code. Triads index vital organ systems into classifications of three body systems that work in close partnership and represent the intricate association of the systems that can host a momentous swing on your metabolic health.

The Metabolic Code consists of 5 unique Triads:

  • Triad 1: Energy  (Adrenals-Thyroid-Pancreas)
  • Triad 2: Resiliency  (Gut-Immune-Brain)
  • Triad 3: Endurance  (Cardio-Pulmonary-Neurovascular)
  • Triad 4: Detoxification  (Liver-Lymph-Kidney)
  • Triad 5: Potency  (Estrogen-Progesterone-Testosterone)

Unlock Your Code

Metabolism is far greater than just the foods you consume and the calories expended; metabolism is comprised of all the chemical consequences in your body.  If you are looking to replace energy, rejuvenate your health, or enhance your overall health, Dr. Cooper at Salt Lake Health and Vitality can direct you on an individualized path aimed at restoring vitality with the Metabolic Code.



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